Love Island 2017: The truth about the contestants' phones revealed


We've all seen the Love Island 2017 contestants on their phones - but what can they actually do with them?

Ever since the first series of ITV2's Love Island launched back in 2015, contestants are each provided with a mobile phone to receive texts from the production team.

But the phones offer more than just that.

The contestants can also text one another and enjoy group chats.

Love Island: Camilla reads text about recoupling.
Love Island: Camilla reads text about recoupling.

They also take and send pictures to one another.

And while they have WiFi to make these features work, there's no access to Twitter or Facebook.

The internet and all social media accounts are off limits, former Love Islander Kady McDermot explained.

She added: "They're for selfies and to text, but everything else is blocked.

"When producers made you keep your phone on you, you knew you were getting a text."

As well as texting one another and receiving messages the from the producers we see on the show, the Love Island contestants can even text the crew to make requests.

Last year's winner Cara De La Hoyde recalled: “We were running out of foundation because you didn’t know how long you would be in there.

Camilla and Marcel
Camilla and Marcel

"You can request things and they will try to get them if it’s within their ability in Palma."

Cara added: "It’s not fair to give them a big list but they helped out where they could. The final week my hair had gone really brown so I asked for some black hair dye because I like it darker. It’s little things."

Love Island 2017 continues nightly on ITV2.

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