Love Island spoilers: Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood's break may already be over

Love Island 2017: Olivia and Chris

Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood really are the Ross and Rachel of Love Island 2017.

After putting their relationship on a "break" yesterday, it seems they're about to jump back into each another's arms tonight.

In this evening's episode, Olivia tells the girls: “The problem is, I look at his little blonde pea head and I just want to smother him in kisses. As much as he annoys me, that feeling never goes away… But if I start holding a conversation or making people laugh or telling stories about my life, he gets up and walks away because he’s so uninterested and finds me annoying.”

Montana replies: “So many guys have come in here and the reason they like you is because you’re witty and funny… There is a reason that people find you attractive, it’s not just because you’re stunning. At the end of the day, if Chris doesn’t want to embrace you the way you are, someone else will in the click of a finger so he needs to realise that.”

Love Island: Olivia and Chris
Love Island: Olivia and Chris

Olivia and Chris then get together to talk about their so-called “break.”

Chris says: “I completely understand 100 per cent why we had this break, well this space, from each other because it gives each other a bit of thinking time.

“At the end of the day you’re amazing, I feel like we’ve both learnt... At the end of the day we’re both big personalities and we’re both similar people sometimes I compete with you and I shouldn’t. I should let you do your thing…

"I love you for exactly who you are. You can make me laugh, you’re funny, your personality is ridic and you’re stunning so there are three boxes there out of three you’ve ticked. I just want us to move forward and put that all behind us.”

Olivia and Chris hug
Love Island 2017: Olivia and Chris

Olivia replies: “I love you for the fact that you’re loud and funny and you make everyone laugh but in a way we are almost too similar to be compatible because when I’m being loud and stupid, I need you to allow me because otherwise I’m going to feel like you’re suppressing my personality.”

Will Chris and Olivia decide to end their "break" and get back together?

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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