Love Island 2017 spoilers: Jonny and Tyla row but he makes up with Theo

Love Island 2017: Tyla and Jonny talk.

Jonny Mitchell and Tyla Carr clash in Love Island 2017 tonight as he makes up with Theo Campbell.

All the latest drama from the villa follows Friday night's recoupling where new guy Theo 'stole' Tyla from Jonny.

It led to a tense showdown between the boys, with tensions continuing at the start of tonight's show.

Theo tells the beach hut: “Jonny is literally a tuna melt and even if I don’t find love on this show, winding Jonny up and getting enjoyment, is enough entertainment for me.

"I don’t disrespect people like he has disrespected me. I do believe myself to be quite a gentleman but I can hold a grudge for a long time.”

Love Island 2017: Theo
Love Island 2017: Theo

Later, Theo talks to Tyla: “I believe you are a strong girl and you realistically need a strong man as well. If he can lose his head that easily, imagine you go to a club or something and you get a photo with another boy, he’ll lose his head."

She says: “I had to stick up for him but I don’t think what he said was particularly mature and I do think it was a bit ridiculous. I also think it was outrageous that you squared up to him as well. Laughing it off would have been a much more gentlemanly or manly thing to do."

Tyla concludes: "Either way both of you were completely childish but I hope you can understand why he was so angry. I have to respect your decision and you’ve not been horrible to me, you’ve not done anything wrong but I have to sleep on the sofa again, thanks for that.”

“Remember there is always space in my bed,” Theo flirts.

Tyla then argues with Jonny about his reaction to the recoupling and admits: “Obviously I know you were angry but it made me look stupid because I had to back you and the comment was just a bit immature, it was just a bit silly."

“It was a heat of the moment thing, it’s not something I would normally do but I was annoyed,” he explains.

"I just think the whole situation could have been a lot different and you could have come out of it looking a lot better but all you’ve come out looking like is a bit childish," says Tyla.

She then tells Jonny he is making immature comments and should apologise to Theo before walking away.

In the beach hut, Tyla comments: “With Jonny I’m feeling like I’ve taken a couple of steps backwards. Partly the reason Theo picked me is a lot of Jonny’s fault.

"He did put a massive barrier up and when you put a barrier up in front of a guy, they kind of just want to beat it down so I was just a bit angry with how he dealt with the situation.”

Love Island 2017: Tyla and Jonny talk.
Love Island 2017: Tyla and Jonny talk.

Meanwhile, Jonny takes Tyla's advice and pulls Theo to one side to have a chat and say sorry: “Look mate, I just wanted to apologise for being personal last night.

"I got a bit upset there, I didn’t have a lot of time to think and when I saw you pick Tyla, it made me lose my head. I shouldn’t have been personal to you. At the end of the day, we’ve all got decisions to make.”

“To be fair I wasn’t expecting that from you, an apology that is, so I appreciate the apology…” Theo tells him. “Good man for doing that. It happens mate and I appreciate the apology. I understand why you were annoyed as well and why you might think I’m a bit of an idiot or an enemy,” Theo says.

They shake hands but Theo tells the beach hut: "The game is still on, the only thing is we said we’ll be civil for the villa’s sake. For now. I’m mature enough to go along with that for now.”

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV.