Love Island 2017: Two more dumped contestants have got together

Love Island 2017: Danielle

Two former Love Island 2017 contestants have found each other outside the show.

Danielle Sellers and Nathan Joseph are said to be dating after getting the boot from the ITV2 series.

The couple were newbies in last week's two villas twist and avoided the mass dumping, only to be dropped by their new partners just days later.

However, they don't seem to mind after coupling up with each other instead.

Love Island 2017: Nathan.
Love Island 2017: Nathan.

“Me and Dan got quite close she was lucky enough to get a cheeky snog," Nathan told The Sun newspaper. "Obviously we’re in a different environment but she is a top girl and we just take the p*** out of each other which I like in a relationship.

“But we will have to watch this space.”

Danielle added: “I would like for our story to continue – it would be good to spend time just with him so we can establish what’s there.”

The pair aren't the only Islanders this year too hook up following the show, with Harley Judge and Tyne-Lexy Clarson also dating.

They were the first to be eliminated from the series this year, both leaving singletons after not being chosen in the early recouplings.

Plus, Rob Lipsett and Shannen Reilly McGrath are also said to have started 'a thing' with each other following their exits from the villa.

Tyne-Lexy and Harley
Tyne-Lexy and Harley

They never actually saw each other on the show having been living in the separate villas until they were axed last Sunday night after not coupling up with any of the original Islanders.

And of course then there are THOSE rumours about Mike and Jess...

Love Island 2017 continues nightly on ITV2.

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