Love Island 2017 contestants react to the public vote results

Love Island: Jonny

The Love Island 2017 contestants react to last night's results in tonight's show.

Nathan Joseph, Chyna Ellis, Danielle Sellers and Craig were all axed in last night's Love Island results.

They were among the six least popular Islanders alongside Jonny and Tyla.

As the two contestants with the fewest votes, Nathan and Chyna were immediately axed. The most popular two - Marcel and Montana - then had to pick which of the next two least popular islanders should leave.

Love Island 2017 results
Love Island 2017 results

Montana sent Craig home over Jonny while Marcel sent Danielle home over Tyla,

In this evening's show from 9PM on ITV2, the Islanders wake up to a new day after a dramatic night of dumpings.

In the bedroom, Chris quips to Montana and Marcel: “I feel honoured. I’m now in a room with the two most popular people here.”

Marcel jokes: “It is a hard life being the public’s favourite boy but someone’s got to do it eh!”

Meanwhile, Jonny and Tyla – who were not voted the favourite Islanders by the public but were saved by Marcel and Montana – are having a kiss on the Nikki Beach beds.

“I am so happy that me and Jonny are still here,” Tyla later says in the Beach Hut, “I think he is a completely different person than people make him out to be and I’m excited to prove people wrong.”

Camilla is talking to Marcel about being the only person without a love interest in the villa now.


In the Beach Hut, Marcel says: “It takes Cam a little while to get over certain situations. She is a sensitive soul, but there are possibilities she might be able to maybe look at someone new.

" But it was just too much too soon in regards to Craig, straight after Jonny so she just needs a little bit of time get her head together, enjoy herself and then if someone walks in who is 100 per cent her type maybe, that will be the key.”

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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