Love Island 2017: Craig Lawson hits back at "bitter" ex-girlfriend

Love Island 2017: Craig

Love Island's Craig Lawson has hit back at his "bitter" ex-girlfriend following his Love Island exit.

Nathan Joseph, Chyna Ellis, Danielle Sellers and Craig were all axed in last night's Love Island 2017 results.

They were among the six least popular Islanders alongside Jonny and Tyla.

As the two contestants with the fewest votes, Nathan and Chyna were immediately axed. The most popular two - Marcel and Montana - then had to pick which of the next two least popular islanders should leave.

Love Island: Camilla and Craig
Love Island: Camilla and Craig

Montana sent Craig home over Jonny while Marcel sent Danielle home over Tyla,

While he was in the villa, Craig was blasted by his ex fiancée who claimed he 'ditched' their son to appear in the villa.

"I am fully aware that the disgrace who calls himself my father's son is going into Love Island," Craig's ex wrote in a post on Facebook (via Daily Mail).

She went on: "He is dead to me and he is dead to my son. He has not even had the decency to contact me regarding this and regarding arrangements for my son.'Up until last night I was under the impression that my son was going to spend the weekend with him like he does every other weekend."

Craig's ex added: "He is an absolute joke of a human being. What he does with his life will no longer affect my children or myself.

"May he fall flat on his face. I hope it was all worth it."

Now out of the villa, Craig has put his side across, telling The Sun newspaper: “If I told them about it I wouldn’t be able to go on Love Island – everything has to be kept secret."

Love Island 2017: Craig
Love Island 2017: Craig

He continued: “My ex-partner is very bitter – she would have shouted it from the rooftops and I wouldn't have been on the show and it would have been pointless me applying.

“I wasn’t given a fair chance after [my ex] released that; she ruined my chances. She is a bitter ex-girlfriend running her mouth.

“That’s what she felt she needed to do to get it off her chest – I definitely don’t agree with it.”

Love Island continues nightly on ITV2.