Love Island 2017: Alex Beattie and Montana Brown enjoy night in the hideaway


Montana Brown and Alex Beattie got cosy in the hideaway on Love Island 2017 tonight.

After officially coupling up in last night's episode, this evening Alex got a text: “Montana and Alex, tonight you’ll be going on your first dinner date together at the Hideaway Terrace.

"Please go and get ready. #alonetime #wineanddine #underthestars”

Montana told Gabby and Chyna that she and Alex made a pact that they won’t have sex for two weeks, despite her fancying the pants off him and her feelings for him getting stronger.

Love Island 2017: Montana
Love Island 2017: Montana

The girls teased her that she might not be able to resist temptation after a romantic date and that he is clearly into her.

On the date, Montana asked her new beau how he thinks things are going between them.

“I love it,” he started, “I love being around you, you are the whole package because you’re obviously gorgeous, you know exactly what you want and then you’ve got the personality traits to go with it.

"It does seem a bit too good to be true with you.”

“Well it’s not, it’s real!” she told him, “I waited four solid weeks, it felt like a lifetime. I’m really bad at trusting men in general.”

“I can prove you wrong,” he reassured her.

Love Island 2017: Montana and Alex date.
Love Island 2017: Montana and Alex date.

“For me, to tell someone that I like them is quite a big deal,” Montana told him, admitting that is how she feels for Alex.

The pair then spent the night in the hideaway where things got very steamy.

And they weren't the only ones getting intimate tonight with Kem and Amber and Chris and Olivia also enjoying some personal time together.

Love Island 2017 airs nightly on ITV2.

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