Love Island 2017: Amber vows to win back Kem - watch out Chyna!

Love Island 2017: Amber

Amber Davies has vowed to win back Kem Cetinay on Love Island 2017.

Last night saw the pair both recouple with different people after being split up across two villas.

Kem partnered with new girl Chyna Ellis, who he had kissed in the second villa, while Amber decided to couple up with new guy Nathan.

In tonight's show, Amber tells Montana things aren't over between her and Kem - at least as far as she's concerned.

Love Island 2017: Amber
Love Island 2017: Amber

Amber says: “Being brutally honest, I do feel like I’ve been completely mugged off. He has not even thought about the way I feel at all and he’s been quite selfish. But time is precious in here and we’ve already done the wrong thing by playing games in the past.”

Montana says: “You’ve just got to put all your eggs in Kem’s basket, give him 100 per cent, stop messing around and just do it.”

“I’m not willing to let him go at all,” Amber replies, “I want him to be my boyfriend, I couldn’t imagine being in the villa without him and I look at him and Chyna and I think it doesn’t make sense to me.”

Meanwhile in the villa, it seems as though Kem may be having similar thoughts.

Love Island 2017: Kem
Love Island 2017: Kem

Kem asks Chyna for a chat. He says: “When I met you at Casa Amor, we’d only known each other two days but we did really click… I’m not saying that I’m going to get back with Amber, that’s a very complicated situation, but there are a lot of feelings there.

"I think you’re amazing, I honestly do. You know you’re unreal looking and you’ve got the best personality, and for me it’s just really bad timing. If I met you at a different time it, could have been completely different but it’s so hard for me… There’s too much going on in my head.”

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.