Love Island 2017 contestants get naked in raunchy new challenge


Tonight sees the Love Island 2017 contestants go head to head in a raunchy race.

And it all ends with a load of naked Islanders in the pool.

Amelia gets a text: “Islanders, this afternoon The Villa and Casa Amor will go head to head with a number of cheeky challenges. The villa that completes the challenge in the quickest time will receive a point.”

In The Villa, Gabby reads: “The villa that has the most points at the end will win a party tonight. #gettingracy #nolovelost #kissmequick”

Love Island: Amber kisses Alex in Raunchy Race
Love Island: Amber kisses Alex in Raunchy Race

The two villas then receive the same text announcing their ‘Raunchy Race.”

The first challenge is for a girl to plant 10 lipstick kisses on a boy’s face: Amber kisses Craig and Amelia kisses Kem.

Then five Islanders must get in a bed and spoon.

Next, two Islanders must then perform an underwater kiss. Competitive Olivia and Nathan jump in the pool in The Villa while Dom puts it on Kem in Casa Amor.

A boy is then instructed to French kiss a girl for five seconds.

The girl and boy whose names are first alphabetically must then snog for five seconds. Chris and Amelia kiss in Casa Amor while Amber and Alex have to kiss in The Villa. Kem realises that Amber must have to be kissing someone as it dawns on Olivia that Chris will also have to be kissing someone new.

The oldest boy and girl in each villa must then snog for five seconds. Camilla and Craig find themselves kissing while Marcel has to kiss Shannen. In The Villa, Gabby realises that Marcel is the oldest boy and looks disappointed.

Love Island spooning
Love Island spooning

Finally, in the last challenge, four Islanders from each villa must jump in the pool naked. In Casa Amor, Chris, Dom, Kem and Danielle jump in the pool and in The Villa, Nathan, Craig, Alex and Olivia do.

But which villa will be victorious and be rewarded a party? And how will the Raunchy Race affect the separated couples?

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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