Love Island 2017: Camilla Thurlow falling for new guy Craig Lawson?

Love Island 2017: Camilla and Craig kiss i

Love Island's Camilla Thurlow may have finally found her Prince in new guy Craig Lawson.

In tonight's show, Camilla and Montana Brown chat all about the six new guys who joined the girls in the villa last night.

Montana is extremely happy that Alex has walked in – he ticks a lot of her boxes, she says.

Camilla says of Craig: “Out of everything that could have been said to me at this moment in time to give me the boost I needed to just keep going, he said all the right things. I can’t explain.”

In the Beach Hut, she smiles: “I’m still getting to know Craig but he is very interesting very considerate and he’s really attractive.”

Love Island 2017: Smitten Camilla
Love Island 2017: Smitten Camilla

At the same time, Craig is telling Alex how he feels: “If she’s not feeling it, fine. I’ve put it out there. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. Me and her, I feel like we clicked like that I feel like we got on so well, it was so easy.”

On the Nikki Beach beds, Montana, Amber, Olivia and Tyla are speaking about the boys. Tyla says she misses Jonny. Amber says she is excited for Camilla. Montana is chuffed that Alex “doesn’t realise he’s good looking at all.”

Camilla later talks to Olivia and Montana about Craig, saying he is “interesting” and that she thinks his tattoos are cool.

That night, Camilla and Craig have a heart to heart by the fire pit.

“Just because I’m from a different area than you and I talk differently to you and I look differently to you, that doesn’t mean anything. When you’ve got that connection and you’ve got that vibe there, none of that stuff matters,” he tells her.

Love Island: Camilla and Craig
Love Island: Camilla and Craig

Meanwhile, the pair end up sharing a first kiss in a new game between the two villas.

Amelia gets a text: “Islanders, this afternoon The Villa and Casa Amor will go head to head with a number of cheeky challenges. The villa that completes the challenge in the quickest time will receive a point.”

In one task, the oldest boy and girl in each villa must snog for five seconds - which in the girls' villa turns out to be Camilla and Craig.

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.