Love Island 2017: The boys move into a second villa and the girls are worried

Love Island boys

It's all change on Love Island 2017 tonight as a brand new villa opens its doors.

Chris gets a text: “Boys it’s time for some male bonding. Get ready to leave the villa immediately. #brocode #ladsladslads”

The excitable boys leave the villa before Caroline Flack heads in to chat to the girls.

Greeting the ladies, she says: “I bet you’re wondering why I’m here? As you know, earlier the boys left the villa for a bit of male bonding time. Well I can reveal they are actually going away on a little mini break for a few days.”

Love Island boys
Love Island boys

Caroline continues: “However, don’t think I’m going to leave you here on your own. I have arranged for you guys to have some company whilst the boys are gone and who knows, you might want to keep hold of some of them… Please welcome, your new Islanders.”

Six new Islanders walk into the villa and line up in front of the girls, much to their surprise.

The initial shock however soon turns to worry.

As the girls pack up their boys’ suitcases in the bedroom, it dawns on them that the new boys in their villa means that new girls may be joining Chris, Kem, Marcel, Dom and Jonny somewhere (and they're right, btw).

Gabby says she is confident in Marcel to stay faithful: “I do trust him not to do anything. He is my boyfriend, it’s not like I’m just coupled up with him.”

But Olivia says “I don’t have any [faith]. Have you met Chris? An absolute idiot he is.” She says she is going to sabotage him by packing him his worst clothes.

Amber does the same and sprays her perfume all over Kem’s clothes. She also puts a pair of her underwear in his case.

Love Island boys and the new girls
Love Island boys and the new girls

Later in the second villa - Casa Amor - the boys open their cases to unpack and Kem and Chris find Amber and Olivia’s underwear and that their clothes smell of perfume. “She is marking her territory,” Kem says.

As night falls, Chris and Kem try and fail to make a toast. Dom stands up and makes one instead: “Five new girls and a new villa. We’ve all got to get to know each other for three days. It’s going to be absolutely manic so I just want everyone to enjoy themselves, get used to it because this is Love Island,” and they all raise their glasses.

The ultimate test of loyalty has landed on the Island – what will this mean for the Love Island couples?

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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