Love Island 2017 spoilers: Dom still reeling over Jess and Mike rumours

Love Island: Dom

Love Island's Dominic Lever continues to reel over rumours of Jessica Shears and Mike Thalassitis in tonight's show.

In tonight's show Dom is seen contemplating in the garden while Jonny and Marcel are discussing the rumour that Jess and Mike hooked up after leaving the island.

“If it is true, and he leaves, he is wasting his whole opportunity here,” Marcel starts.

“When they both left, I can remember thinking it [could happen,]” Jonny says about Jess and Mike. Marcel agrees.

Love Island: Dom
Love Island: Dom

Dom later talks Olivia in the garden: “This is what happens when you let yourself get feelings. Hand on heart do you see her doing it?”

Olivia says she doesn’t know.

“If it is true, I don’t know what I’m going to do,” Dom tells her, “Genuinely I just don’t know if I can get feelings for anyone again like ever again. It took me long enough to do this. I want to know if it’s true, just a simple yes or no that’s all. Would you speak to her if she had?”

“I’d want to speak to her,” Olivia says. “I’d lose my head, I’d literally lose it, I’d just want to shake her.”

Bemused, Dom says: “She told me she loves me and she told me to find someone else and I said, ‘Not a chance’ and I pinky promised that I wouldn’t.”

Olivia later confesses in the Beach Hut: “Dom is not good at all. I can’t even imagine being in his situation but at the end of the day, he is just going to do what he planned to do until he gets justification either way.”

Dom later asks Amber if he thinks the rumour about Jess and Mike might be true.


Amber responds: “I feel like I’ve been in the situation before where my emotions have got the better of me. I was so hurt about something that it drove me to do something that I didn’t really want to do. I don’t want to sit here and say, ‘She didn’t do it’ because I feel like she could potentially have.”

Montana adds, “I honestly think you’re going to drive yourself insane if you think about it all the time, whether it’s true or not true, because the fact is you’re not going to find out in here.”

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.