Love Island 2017: Mike finds out about Olivia's kiss with Chris and is FUMING

Love Island 2017 spoilers

Love Island 2017: Mike in beach hut

News of Olivia Attwood's kiss with Chris Hughes gets back to Mike Thalassitis on Love Island 2017 tonight.

Fresh from finding out about

Olivia had been playing a dangerous game having shared kisses with both Mike and Chris yesterday and news of her two timing antics took little time to spread around the villa.

Mike was starting to lose patience as the love triangle with Olivia ran on for another day, telling the Beach Hut: “She said whoever picks her, she’s going to give it 100% but I don’t feel like she’s giving it 100%. I’m not going to put my guard down when I know I’m vulnerable. I don’t want to put myself in the position where I can get pied.”

Love Island: Olivia beach hut woes
Love Island: Olivia beach hut woes

With word of Olivia and Chris’ stolen kiss quickly circulating around the villa, it wasn’t long before Marcel got wind during a day out on the beach with Chris, Kem and Dom.

Upon his return to the villa, aware of his loyalties to good friend Mike, Marcel concluded that he should tell Mike what had been going on, telling the Beach Hut: “I hate being in the centre of things but obviously people tell me stuff and I only think it’s right for people to know what their real situation is because if I didn’t tell him, he would never know.

"And I don’t want him to be in there feeling like he’s being played so obviously you’ve got to stick to the bro code and let people know what’s going on.”

During a chat around the swimming pool with Mike, Marcel seized his opportunity: “Liv and Chris had a kiss last night and obviously you told me this morning that you and Liv had a little smooching on at night. And then today they were kissing.”

Reeling from Marcel’s revelation, Mike was insistent that he would no longer make an effort with Olivia: “For me that’s it. I ain’t getting played like that. She kissed him last night, I’m dropping her out. That’s why I never let my guard down because I know she was playing both fields.

"They get on better than me and her anyway. She’s been playing me anyway.”

Love Island: Olivia and Chris cuddle
Love Island: Olivia and Chris cuddle

Meanwhile, Olivia confided in Jessica of her kiss with Chris: “He was in the corridor by the Beach Hut. He was looking really fit so when he walked past I’d thought I’d stick it on him a bit and see what happened and see if he went with it. It was only a second but I didn’t realise Amber was literally standing right behind us. It wasn’t anything dramatic.

"I was kind of hoping he would take the initiative and push me against the wall but he didn’t and that’s fine. Then I got into bed with Mike and obviously Mike still wants to nurture us getting to know each other and whatever, so he tried to stick it on me. Amber will probably tell Chloe and Montana (about Chris). Basically the whole villa is going to know.”

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.