Love Island 2017: Olivia kisses Chris behind Mike's back

Love Island spoiler


Olivia Attwood, Mike Thalassitis and Chris Hughes' love triangle continued on Love Island 2017 tonight.

Both guys have been after the blonde beauty but it was Mike who officially coupled up with her on Sunday night.

Yesterday in the villa, Olivia declared her life a ‘mess’ as she fluctuated between her desires for Chris and her attraction to Mike.

With the flirtation between Chris and Olivia heightening throughout the day, the pair were playing a risky game, as the other islanders, including Mike, began to catch onto their sneaky ways.

In a conversation continued, Chris began to lean in towards Olivia, making an unexpected declaration: "I want to kiss you on the lips. Just one kiss on the lips. Can I do that?”

Conscious that the pair could be seen, Olivia responded: “Yeah, later.”

But Chris pushed for more: “Now, quickly. No one’s looking, no one’s looking. All you’ve got to do is look at me.”

With Chris confused at the next steps in his on-going efforts to win Olivia back, he bluntly asked “What do you want me to do?”

Love Island: Olivia
Love Island: Olivia

Teasing, Olivia replied: “I don’t know. Shall we have sex?” before quickly catching herself and stating: “I’m joking.”

“Do you want to?” asks Chris.

“Kind of," replies Olivia, "I don't know."

Meanwhile, not all of the other Islanders had sympathy for Olivia’s predicament, as Chloe sensed she was setting herself up for a fall: “I like Liv, I think she’s a nice girl but I feel like she is playing a very dangerous game.”

Later on the villa, Mike walked straight into a supposedly private moment between Olivia and Chris, entering the bedroom as Chris repeatedly pushed Olivia to make a decision.

Spotting him and then playfully ruffling Chris’ hair, Olivia muttered “Good timing.”

Mike was far from out of the race though – chatting to Olivia a little later in the garden, the conversation quickly took a saucy turn as they discussed sex.

After, speaking to Marcel about the developing love triangle, Mike declared: “I know for a fact that on the outside world her and Chris would be nothing. I feel like there’s too much going on. Too many people talking to her, Chris pulling her. I’m just going to see how she acts over the next couple of days.”

Olivia continued to waver between both boys and surmised: “I’ve lost my head totally. What am I doing?”

Love Island: Olivia and Chris almost kissing
Love Island: Olivia and Chris almost kissing

Come night-time, Olivia and Chris again found themselves in similar territory – alone - where they ended up enjoying a cheeky snog behind Mike's bck.

But they were caught out by Amber, who quickly told Chloe.

And then Olivia retuned to her bed with Mike where she then intimate with him too!

Love Island 2017 continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2.