Love Island 2017 spoiler: Chris Hughes is fuming with 'muggy' Mike Thalassitis

Love Island 2017:  Chris talking to Mike about Olivia

Love Island's Chris Hughes is raging with 'muggy' Mike Thalassitis on tonight's show following the recoupling.

Having finally found the real deal in Olivia Attwood, Chris was left incensed by Mike’s supposed betrayal when he picked her to partner up with yesterday.

Chris, who ended up recoupling with Chloe, fumed in the beach hut: “Mike is a mug, he said some horrible things to Liv and I’m not going to forget that and it was almost a reminder to her that he has bitched about her behind her back which isn’t very nice.”

But unfazed by Chris’ reaction, Mike questioned why Chris hadn’t actually spoken to him about his feelings: “If he was a man he’d come up to me and say it to me but he didn’t, he pulled Olivia there and said something to her. I came here, sat right next to you, he didn’t say a word to me. He’s going to do his best to get in Liv’s head. He already has.”

And Chris had little sympathy from many of the islanders

Montana told the Beach Hut: “I just think that Chris has had the pick of the bunch, and the one time that he actually likes someone he gets screwed over, so maybe karma’s smacked him in the face. Sorry Chris.”

Jonny also added: “Chris is my definition of a bit of a sore loser I think. I think if you can give it, you should be able to take it.”

Later, Chris continued to vent about Mike, telling Montana: “I just don’t think any bloke or any gentleman can say the stuff he’s said about someone like that, and someone I care about, and wake up the next day and have it easy. No one’s mentioned a thing to him. He’s a mug.”

Spotting the conversation between Montana and Chris, Mike approached Chris and insisted: “I’d rather you said anything to my face rather than behind my back.”

After locking horns, in spite of the clear disdain between them, Chris resolved to move on: “You are coupled up with her, so I can move on just like you can move on, we’re both adults.”

But once back in the Beach Hut, Chris made it clear that his animosity towards Mike was far from finished: “Mike is a mug, there’s ways of doing things. If you want to graft and you want to do that kind of thing, there’s a way of doing it and if he does need some tips then he can talk to me, but yeah, Muggy Mike.

Love Island: Mike mulls
Love Island: Mike mulls

"You should forgive but you shouldn’t forget in this life and obviously with me it’s hard for me to bite my tongue in situations like that, especially when I care about the people involved.”

Ready to pick himself back up, Chris set about planning for an Olivia free future in the villa: “I’m going to let Liv and Mike crack on. I don’t back their relationship to go that far to be honest so I’m waiting for another bombshell to come in because there’s not really anyone in here for me at the moment.”

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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