Love Island 2017 spoilers: New guy Mike enters and the other guys are worried

Love Island 2017 Mike

New guy Mike Thalassitis enters the Love Island 2017 villa tonight an causes quite the stir.

As Mike gets used to his new surroundings, the other Islanders are trying to work out his intentions.

On the girls who have caught his eye, Mike admits: “A few of the girls. I think Olivia’s got banter, I think Chloe’s got banter, straight off the back obviously Tyne’s got banter.”

In the Beach Hut, Olivia talks about her initial reaction to the new boy: “Mike walks through the door… That’s me. That’s me all over. If you could take a portion of my brain and be like, ‘What gets Liv going?’

"That’s it. He’s very fit, very fit… I was just about to be really content and loved up with Chris and then that walks through the door. That’s me! And now my head’s gone again.”

Love Island 2017: Olivia and Marcel
Love Island 2017: Olivia and Marcel

In the Beach Hut, Mike shares the same sentiment: “The girl I’ve got my eye on straight off would be Olivia, she’s a good looking girl and I’ve caught her eyes looking at me a little bit tonight. I’m hoping conversations there with me and her could amount to something but we’ll see.”

Mike seems to have caused quite a stir with the other girls too. Both Amber and Jess admit that he is their type, whilst in the bathroom, Tyne says “he is the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.”

Love Island 2017: Chris
Love Island 2017: Chris

Needless to say, it all leaves the guys currently in the villa VERY worried.

Chris shares his concerns about Mike in the Beach Hut: “This guy who has come in, Mike, he is Olivia’s type and she admitted that to me. I am bothered mate, I am bothered by this.”

In the garden, Olivia gives Chris a little peck on the lips which makes him worry she might be losing interest: “Are you trying to keep me on my toes or something?”

“No,” she responds, “I’ve just literally reapplied my lip gloss which annoys me, so kiss my cheek.”

Later in the villa, Olivia confides in Kem that Mike has caught her eye and he tries to reassure her: “Don’t forget how much of a good geezer Chris is. Just because Mike is good looking this is where you get blinded… Just think how many mistakes you’ve made in the past.

"You go out every single weekend and there are hundreds of guys as good looking as him, but you’re forgetting that Chris he’s been [out of order] to everyone in here just to get to you. Don’t jump your gun.”

Kem also admits he is worried about what Amber might think of Mike too: “I’m not going to lie, I’m feeling really paranoid… It’s because when she walked in, she was bowling around going ‘Oh my God, he’s unreal.’ It’s muggy.”

In the Beach Hut, Kem says that most of the boys are a bit concerned by the new arrival: “All the boys are having breakdowns. Chris has had a breakdown, I’m having a breakdown, all of us are nervous. But this is what happens in here, this is what this place does to you. A half decent looking geezer walks in, you do get nervous.”

Later on, Chris and Dom are asking Montana for a girl’s opinion.

“Can I ask you one question and you tell me honestly,” Chris starts, “Do you think he’s better looking than me and Dom? Because I don’t think he is.”

Love Island 2017: Mike speaking to Amber and Jess.
Love Island 2017: Mike speaking to Amber and Jess.

When Montana says that facially she thinks Chris and Dom are better looking but she can see the attraction to Mike’s height, both boys seem defensive. “I can make up for my inches elsewhere,” Chris says cheekily.

Later in the Beach Hut, Montana smiles, “It’s very obvious which girls are interested so let the games begin.”

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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