Love Island couple Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey about to split?

Cara De La Hoyde, Nathan Massey

Love Island couple Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey could be about to split.

The winners of ITV2's Love Island last summer seemed to have a super strong relationship, but rumour has it they may be about to go their separate ways.

According to The Sun newspaper, the pair are no longer living together following a string of rows.

"Nathan and Cara have always had a fiery relationship with plenty of ups and downs," a source told the newspaper. “But their latest bust-up is their biggest yet and it’ll be tough for them to come back from this.”

However a pal was hopeful that they could work through the problems.

"They both still love each other, there’s no getting away from that," they said. “Perhaps after a break they can reconnect again.”

Speaking to new! magazine recently, the couple discussed life together outside of the Love Island villa.

"There’s been arguments. I’m not the easiest person to live with," said Nathan, who shared the £50,000 prize with Cara. “But you forget we’ve only known each other for 6 months.”

Cara admitted: "It was hard when we first came out.

"We went in as single people and nobody knew who we were, and we came out and we're living and working together."

She added: "You've got to get used to each other. I think all the couples have gone through struggles. If they say they haven't, they're lying!"

But marriage isn't on the cards just yet.

Nathan declared: "I'm not going to marry someone I've known for six months. I'll give it a couple of years."

Love Island returns to ITV2 this summer.

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