Love Island's Emma-Jane Woodham seriously regrets having sex on TV

love island sex

Emma-Jane Woodham and Terry Walsh have admitted they regret having sex on ITV2's Love Island.

Scenes of the pair's midnight hookups caused complaints to TV watchdog Ofcom during the series in the summer.

The regulator cleared the show for broadcasting the clips but they were scenes that Emma and Terry would rather have never made it to air.

Emma confessed this week: "There's always going to be that thing around having sex on TV. There's not a day that goes by I don't wish I hadn't done that."

Saying it was her "biggest regret", Emma told new! magazine: "We'd had a few drinks and they told me they wouldn't air it if it was outside the covers."

Terry added: "If we went back in time, we wouldn't do it."

Meanwhile, the pair revealed they had been the victims of online trolls and bullies since appearing in the last series of the ITV2 dating show.

Terry explained: "It's mostly from ten year olds. Some of the comments are just horrible, though. They start cursing you about the way you look... we've all got feelings.

"I've learned a lot since coming out and being branded the most hated man in Britain."

Emma added: "It's frustrating because I wasn't the only girl in that villa who had sex."

Despite the sex scene controversy (or maybe because of it...), Love Island was a ratings winner for ITV2 this year, doubling the numbers from the 2015 series.

The channel has already confirmed a third series of the show for next summer.

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