Love Island is STILL getting complaints over 'real sex scenes'

love island sex scene

ITV2's Love Island remains under fire over this summer's series following its sex scenes.

TV Watchdog launched an investigation into the show after complaints but said the channel did nothing wrong.

An Ofcom spokesperson confirmed earlier this month: “We investigated a small number of complaints about a scene where two housemates had sex shortly after the watershed, but didn’t find it breached broadcasting rules.

“The shots of the couple were very brief and relatively indistinct as a result of the use of a night vision camera. The tone was lightened by the focus on the other housemates’ reactions reduced the material’s potential to cause offence”.

However campaigners have slammed Ofcom’s decision and hit out at Love Island for being a 'Victorian freak show'.

Sam Burnett of Mediawatch-UK told the Daily Mail newspaper: "Apparently it’s now OK to show two people having sex nine minutes after the watershed as long as you play some jaunty music over the top of it.

"Ofcom’s lip-service regulation is leading to a freefall in television standards, and it’s the viewers who are losing out."

Meanwhile Chris McGovern, of the Campaign for Real Education, said: "Broadcasters are chasing ratings so it’s up to regulators to ensure they don’t sacrifice public morality.

"Schools work hard to encourage children not to experiment with sex and these kinds of programmes present sex as some kind of Victorian freak show, offered up for entertainment."

If only TVs came with some sort of channel changing device....

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