Love Island's sex scenes given the okay by TV watchdog Ofcom


TV watchdog Ofcom has given ITV2 the okay over Love Island's sex scenes following complaints.

Despite the nature of the reality series people still complained over scenes that aired earlier this summer.

The objections prompted an investigation by Ofcom, who looked at if ITV2 had broken broadcast restrictions.

In particular, a scene in which housemates Emma and Terry had sex on top of a bed was looked at to see if it had broken rules about generally accepted standards and airing adult content abruptly after the 9PM watershed.

Ofcom dismissed the complaints, saying in its report out today: "The series focuses on the romantic entanglements of a group of young single people, and we recognised that sexual activity between housemates had occurred in this and the previous series, and is often a key element of the programme’s ongoing narratives."

They added: "The material was relatively indistinct as it was shown in monochrome night vision footage. It was accompanied by music for comic effect, and the primary focus of the sequence was on the other housemates’ surprised reactions, rather than the sexual act itself."

While ITV2 was cleared of any wrongdoing, Ofcom did warn it and other channels: "We consider that content including real sex may carry a greater potential to raise issues under the Code than depictions of sex in a drama or film. Broadcasters should take particular care and exercise caution when scheduling material of this type soon after the watershed."

Love Island will return for a third series next summer on ITV2.

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