Love Island 2016: Katie Salmon and Sophie Gradon go to WAR at the wrap party


Love Island 2016 came to a dramatic conclusion on ITV2 tonight as Katie Salmon and Sophie Gradon came face to face.

While many of the islanders put the past behind them at the wrap party, including Terry Walsh and Malin Andersson, there was no love lost between Katie and Sophie.

"I've got stuff to say and put out there," Katie began as she confronted Sophie and Tom.

Katie complained about Tom and Sophie slating her on social media, but Tom responded by accusing her of 'going for someone with a boyfriend' when she kissed Sophie in the villa.

"You're a sad excuse of a man," Katie said, before moving on to Sophie.

She told her: "You're a liar, not at one point did you say we were coupling up as friends, I'm not a false person, unlike you.

"You are unbelievable, you need to be true to yourself."

An unimpressed Sophie replied: "Get over it, you're 20 and have your whole life ahead of you, move on."

"Trust me I'm all over you honey," reacted Katie.

"Your opinion is as bad as your eyebrows," Sophie retorted as the chat turned comical.

"You wanted to sit on my face at one point, my eye brows weren't bad then!" Katie said before storming off.

"That escalated very quickly," commented Adam, who had been sitting between everything awkwardly the whole time. "I'm very bad at arguments, I just don't care."

Love Island will return to ITV2 for a third series next year.

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