Love Island 2016: Adam Maxted disappoints Katie Salmon in the hideaway

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Katie Salmon and Adam Maxted head to hideaway on Love Island 2016 tonight.

Yesterday the Islanders received a text saying that the Hideaway would be open for one final time.

It was up to the couples to decide between themselves which pair should spend the night alone together in the Hideaway and Adam and Katie proved the popular choice, although it left Adam looking slightly panicked.

Once he was alone with the boys, Alex and Scott tried to talk Adam through what he should do with Katie in the Hideaway, and give him a pep talk.

However he told them: “I did think, ‘Are we going to get the full use of that, for what it’s used for?’ probably not.”

Alex tried to reassure Adam by saying: “It’s not just about the sex. There’s no pressure at all.”

Scott added: “All I’m saying is, you need to go past first base. Just go in there and let it flow. ‘This is Your Moment’, Martine McCutcheon.”

With Adam feeling the pressure, he and Katie entered the Hideaway to spend some quality time alone together.

As Katie stripped to her underwear, Adam began to massage her back and legs.

As the heat in the bedroom began to dial up a notch, Adam had a change of heart and rolled over and went to sleep.

Love Island 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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