Love Island 2016 couples meet the parents in emotional scenes

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The Love Island couples get to meet their partner's parents and relatives in tonight's show.

It's been an emotional weekend in the villa with a LOT of tears in scenes that will air tonight on ITV2 from 9PM.

First to make an appearance are Kady's mum and grandad.

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Kady’s mum told her: “You and Scott are so like each other. I love him Kady, he’s so sweet. You’re so similar. He’s really stroppy, you’re stroppy, you both like winning, you both are argumentative, really strong willed. He’s got that childish side to him, which you have.”

Kady’s granddad added: “He’s a lovely boy. Look after him because he’s a good bloke.”

Her mum said of Scott: "I love him; I think he’s really sweet. You two are so cute.”

Chatting in the beach hut, Scott admitted: “Something came over me, I just really wanted their approval. I know how much Kady’s mum’s opinion means to her. It feels even more official now I’ve met her mum and granddad. I’ve not been through that feeling for a while, meeting a girl’s parents and feeling like you have to impress them and that you want to be accepted. What a great way to start the day and a great treat for Kady.”

Shortly after, Scott’s mum and auntie walked into the villa.

Scott’s mum told him: “I personally have seen a nicer side to you. Outside, you’re always strained. In here you haven’t got that pressure. We’ve never laughed so much as we have this past month. Even Adam said ‘Emmerdale’s on and you’re actually watching re-runs of Love Island. I don’t think I’m the favourite twin anymore’. Everybody’s proud of you.”

Kady then joined Scott and his family so they could get to know each other. Scott’s mum told Kady: “When you were having arguments and appeared to be upsetting Scott, there were quite a few that said ‘sack her off’. I thought in my heart of hearts ‘He’s met his match’.”

More relatives of the Islanders then surprised the group by randomly stopping by the villa.

Katie’s brother told he:, “Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re being yourself” and Adam’s mum told him how much she’d enjoyed his one liners.

Alex’s mum agreed to go shopping with Olivia and Olivia’s grandma told her: “We’ve laughed and cried along with you”.

When Alex went to sit with Olivia, her mum and grandma, he said to them: “I get to sit with these three beautiful ladies now don’t I.”

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Olivia’s mum replied: “Don’t start, I’ve got my guard up – I’m a married lady.” but her grandma teased: “I’m not!”

Meanwhile, Nathan’s mum told Cara: “You deserve a medal. You two have got to really stick with it, because you do make a lovely couple.”

Last to enter the villa were Cara’s mum and dad. Her mum said of Nathan: “He’s funny. You bounce off each other.”

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However, Cara’s dad admitted it took him a little longer to warm to him, saying: “When we first saw it I went ‘We’re not having him’. But as it’s gone on he comes across a really nice guy.”

Cara’s dad later added: “Cara seems really happy, and for me and [her mum], that’s all we care about.”

Love Island 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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