Love Island 2016 couples get BABIES to look after

Love Island 2016

The Love Island 2016 couples get BABIES to take care of in their latest challenge.

After looking after dogs yesterday, today the group woke to find themselves joined by six bundles of ‘joy’. Each couple had to look after their ‘baby’ for a day – feeding, burping and changing them.

Cara excitedly exclaimed: “Have we got babies?! Oh my god we’ve got babies! I’ve got a baby!” She immediately cradled her baby in her arms, saying “Oh, baba.”

Love Island 2016

As Nathan and Cara held their baby in the Beach Hut, Nathan introduced her, saying: “This is Ruby De La Hoyde-Massey.”

Cara said: “Oh my god, I was so happy. I walked into the bedroom and I had a baby. I didn’t even have to go through labour, I’m so happy.”

The boys and girls in the villa had mixed reactions to their new arrivals, with Alex saying: “This is mega scary man”, whilst Kady said: “This is like a dream come true.”

Having coupled up with Katie earlier that day, Adam said: “We were looking forward to spending our first night together as a couple, and now we’ve got a baby in the middle. That’s quite the c***block!”

Love Island 2016

Amidst the screams, nappies, bottles and general stress, Lauren said: “I can’t do this all night.” Olivia agreed, admitting: “When the baby cries, it goes straight through me.”

The next morning, Adam J found himself alone and holding the baby as Lauren had gone outside into the garden for a cigarette.

Adam J said: “I woke up, don’t know where his mother Lauren is, she’s doing her own thing. I’ve had to change his nappy, feed him, burp him. Bit unfair really, she doesn’t seem too interested.”

As Lauren and Katie sat in the garden together, Katie said: “We’re bad mums.”

Lauren replied: “We just need a coffee and a cig and then we’ll be fine.”

Admitting that she was struggling with the task, Lauren said: “When the babies are crying, it’s literally the worst noise ever. It just goes through me. I’m quite an impatient person. Some of them can stay calm, but I’m like ‘Just shut up’.”

As the boys sat together holding their babies, Nathan asked them: “Who’s ready for kids?”

In unison, most of the boys replied, ‘Nope’, ‘No’, ‘No chance’.

Terry, however, admitted that he would like children at some point. He said: “I’m 28 now, I reckon in two or three years. When I’m 30, 31, I wanna have the foundations with a girl to be ready to have kids. Because I do want like three kids. I know I’ll make a good dad when the time is right.”

Love Island 2016

Scott said: “Both my brothers are such good dads. I love my nephew and my niece, but I like to give them back at the end of the day.”

The results of the baby challenge showed that Cara and Nathan were the best parents and as a reward left the villa on a date.

Love Island 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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