Love Island 2016: Caroline Flack is BACK... to dump two couples from the villa

Love Island 2016 spoilers

Love Island 2016

Two couples get dumped from the Love Island 2016 villa tonight and Caroline Flack reveals just who.

After last night's show, following the final recoupling, the public voted for their favourite couple in a vote on the app.

This evening the two with the fewest votes are going home and with the eviction looming, the Islanders were starting to think about the future with their partners and the outside world.

Love Island 2016

Having recently coupled up with Adam, Katie said: “We’re getting on nice. I like the fact that he’s such a chilled laid back guy. I’d go to Ireland and see him, definitely. I’m looking forward to getting to know him more because it still is early days obviously. It’s nice you can have someone in here you can have a little kiss with and a little cuddle.”

Over with the boys, Adam admitted: “I’m just happy to have a girl. It’s still very fresh, very new. I think the date yesterday was a turning point because I’ve never been on a date like that ever. We just bounced off each other the whole time. There were no awkward silences. She makes me laugh as well, which is a big thing.”

When Olivia asked Kady what she was hoping for from Scott, Kady answered: “At first, I just didn’t want us to kill each other. He’s a party boy and I’m a party girl, so I don’t want us to go out and argue. I think we’re going to be alright, I’m really positive about it and he’s really positive about it.”

Love Island 2016

Discussing his relationship with the boys, Scott said: “For me, I can’t have a girl who’s letting me do whatever I want. I need someone to keep me on my toes. You can see how whipped I am! I’m just drawn to her all the time. I’ve been obsessed with the girl from start to finish.”

Having been through some testing times with his partner Emma, Terry said: “I think I’ve made it pretty clear to [Emma] that I do want to see her when we get outside. I do like her. In here, it’s hard. For me to get to know her without this environment, I’m buzzing for [that].”

Some of the Islanders felt like the outside world would be a huge test for their relationships. Emma admitted to the girls: “The last couple of days I’m really starting to feel myself… when I look at [Terry] I’m like ‘Oh s***’ [I’m falling for him]. I feel like I’m taking a massive risk.”

Olivia agreed, saying: “I think that’s what I’ve learnt with Alex. I’ve been so scared of letting myself go with him. Every night I can see him looking at me more deeply than the night before, and it’s growing. It’s scary, but it’s very exciting because he means a lot.”

Meanwhile, Alex told the boys: “Every day I’ve got to know her, I am getting feelings for the girl. That lie detector test, I still don’t believe it detects the way you feel. I’ve already said to Olivia – I don’t know what’s going to happen, but all I know is I do want to see her and I do want to make a go of it. I want to prove she can trust me.”

As one half of the villa’s longest-standing couple, Nathan said to the boys: “There’s only one girl I’ve ever met that makes me laugh and I make her laugh. We’ve [only] had two serious arguments in this whole experience. She makes me happy, I make her happy. I think we’ve got a good chance.”

Love Island 2016

Cara told the girls: “We have had this fairytale thing. There has been times where I’ve broke down, but my feelings for him are so strong that I’ve got over that. I said to him today ‘I can’t wait to meet your mum and dad’.”

Katie asked Cara if she loved Nathan, and she replied: “Yeah, I do.”

Love Island 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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