Love Island 2016: Guys take on a lie detector with awkward results...

Love Island 2016

The Love Island guys took part in a LIE DETECTOR test in the villa yesterday, answering questions posed by their partner.

Cue LOTS of awkward moments.

Before the test, Kady seemed to be excited over what would be revealed: “The boys are s***ing themselves, it’s the best challenge yet.”

Love Island 2016

However Olivia was more apprehensive, saying: “The boys are very nervous and I feel like the girls don’t really want to know the answers."

During the test, Terry was asked whether his relationship with Emma was a ‘showmance’. Emma was pleased when Terry said no and the lie detector found he was telling the truth.

When asked whether he was a loyal boyfriend, however, Terry said he was but the lie detector stated he was lying. Unsurprised, Emma said: “I knew the answer to that, because he cheated on Malin with me.”

Scott’s results also gave his partner Kady cause for concern. He was asked whether he saw himself staying with Kady and when he answered ‘Yes’, the lie detector said false. Scott then admitted that he didn’t trust Kady, which the detector found to be true.

When asked ‘Is Kady the girl you’ve liked the most in the six years you’ve been single?’, Scott said ‘Yes’ but the result came back as a lie.

Annoyed by some of his results, Scott said: “I know by the way I’m feeling and the way I am that she must be the girl that I like the most. I’ve not even come close to feeling like this about a girl in a long time. I’m a bit gutted that didn’t come back as true.”

The last boy to undergo the test was Alex, who has recently found it difficult to convince his partner Olivia that he cares for her and that he sees a future for them on the outside.

Alex, who was visibly anxious, took his seat in the testing room and was asked several questions, including:

• Are your feelings real towards Olivia?
Alex said ‘Yes’, but the detector said it was a lie.
• Is Olivia silly to trust you?
Alex answered ‘No’ and the detector claimed it was a lie.
• Do you find any girl in the villa more attractive than Olivia?
Answering ‘No’, the detector alleged that Alex was lying.
• Do you see a future with Olivia?
Alex said ‘Yes’, but once again the lie detector said he was lying.

Disappointed and upset with the results, Alex said afterwards: “The test can go f*** itself really. I don’t care what the test has got to say. I literally couldn’t look at Olivia because I didn’t know what she was thinking. I just wanted to be outside on my own and chill. When everyone started coming over to me, it got me upset. I know how I feel about the girl, and that’s all that matters to me.

Love Island 2016

Equally upset by the results of the test, in the Beach Hut Olivia asked: “What am I meant to say to Alex? Where am I going to go from here? I’m so angry. There wasn’t even one thing to reassure me.”

He later told her: “I don’t wanna see you upset man. All I’m bothered about is me and you. I know how I feel. I’ve come out of there and got teary eyed, it takes a lot for me to be like that. If I didn’t care about you, it wouldn’t get me upset. It’s bull****. All I was bothered about when the detector was turning red [to indicate a lie], was about you, because I don’t want to see you upset.”

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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