Love Island 2016: It's the final recoupling and one girl is getting DUMPED from the villa

Love Island 2016

The boys choose who to recouple with on Love Island 2016 tonight, leaving one girl to get dumped from the villa.

Yesterday, the Islanders received a text telling them that there was to be a recoupling in which the boys will choose who they want to couple up with.

The girl not picked would be dumped from the Island. New girl Lauren and her partner Adam J were immune.

Adam realised the pressure was on him and he would have to choose between a friendship with Tina or the opportunity of romance with Katie.

Adam explained his predicament in the Beach Hut, saying: “The ball is in my court again and I have the choice of staying with Tina or choosing to recouple with Katie.

"It’s like you’ve walked into a DVD store and you’ve only got the choice of two DVDs. One you’ve seen a hundred times, but there’s a new DVD that’s possibly more exciting – it could be a blockbuster, it could be a flop. That’s how I would sum up the situation I’m in.”

Tina felt that Adam should choose the girl he felt there was an opportunity for romance with. Tina told Katie: “I would want him to pick you. The whole thing with Adam is, we’re just friends. I would never want to stop something if there could be a potential connection there. If there’s something there for you too, I wouldn’t want to be the person to get in the way of that.”

Will Adam choose his friend Tina out of loyalty, or take a chance on love and couple up with Katie?

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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