Love Island 2016: Sophie Gradon accuses Katie Salmon of turning Islanders against her

Love Island 2016

Sophie Gradon has accused Katie Salmon of turning the Love Island 2016 villa against her.

In tonight's show we saw Sophie walk out of the series after clashing with Katie in a row that turned nasty.

Katie confronted Sophie after being dumped by her just day following Katie choosing Sophie at the latest recoupling.

Chatting after leaving the villa, Sophie claimed: "The Islanders were cold towards me because Katie had a chat with them and had possibly turned them against me with something she might have said."

She accused Katie of "overreacting" for TV, explaining: "I gave her an inch and she took a mile, I was always clear that I needed my space. It's almost like she had a plan.

"In all honestly it would never have been anything more than friends with her."

And as for Tom Powell, who she left the villa to be with, Sophie told DigitalSpy: "Hopefully I will see him and we can reconcile - I have things I want to talk to him about, and he's probably got things to talk to me about. Hopefully we can work through it."

But on Twitter, Tom was taken aback by Sophie's decision to leave the villa.

"Not gonna lie.. I am not enjoying watching this tonight," he tweeted during the show tonight, adding: "She actually leaving?!!!"

He then told one follower: "We actually don't even have each other's number...."

Tom, who previously hit out at Sophie for kissing Katie, concluded: "I have no idea what to do."

Love Island continues nightly on ITV2.

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