Love Island 2016: Islanders turn on Sophie Gradon after row with Katie Salmon

Love Island 2016

Sophie Gradon and Katie Salmon's clash on Love Island 2016 has got the whole villa involved.

In tonight's show we see Katie slam Sophie after Sophie seemed to change her mind about her feelings for Katie.

The pair clashed, with Sophie telling Katie: "I thought you’d understand. You knew I’d had a relationship for so long with someone else.”

Love Island 2016

Katie replied: “I didn’t even know you were with him. You broke up a few days before I came in. You didn’t say you were together, you should have said. How can you be boyfriend and girlfriend with someone and then kiss someone else? Is that not cheating? We kissed on the date. Is that still ok?”

Sophie replied: “It was just a kiss.”

Feeling like Sophie wasn’t appreciating her side of things, Katie walked away from her.

Katie went over to the other Islanders and said: “How can you be with someone and then kiss someone? I’m not tolerating this game, it’s f***ing with people’s heads. I’m not being mugged off for my sexuality, if it was a man I wouldn’t take it, I’m not taking it from a woman. Don’t mug me off when I’ve plucked up the courage to come out for the first time in my life like that to everyone in the world.”

Meanwhile, Sophie went up to the bedroom to talk things through with Tina. Sophie explained: “I’ve not even gone anywhere with her. There was a peck on the lips, it was nothing. She’s using it against me to make out that I’ve done something really wrong and I haven’t. I’ve realised this is not the route I want to take, because I’ve still got s*** I want to sort out with Tom. I love him, and I want to see him.”

After her confrontation with Katie, Sophie felt like she was being shunned by some of the other Islanders.

In the Beach Hut, Sophie said: “Nobody’s speaking to us. I don’t know how people feel towards me, but it’s clear that something’s up.”

Sophie tried to talk to her friend Cara about the situation, but got a lukewarm response. In the Beach Hut, Cara explained: “I’ve not been ignoring Sophie; I’ve just been keeping myself to myself a little bit. I don’t really want to be involved in any more rows."

She added: "I think what she’s done is a little bit wrong, but she hasn’t done it to me.”

Meanwhile Nathan told Cara: “The thing with Katie has just blown out of proportion. If you’d said to her that you had feelings for Tom in the first place, it would have been different. With the kiss on the date…”

Sophie told Nathan: “It was nothing and she’s using that against me. It was a peck, absolutely nothing.”

Love Island 2016

Nathan replied: “I’m just telling you how I would look at it. If it was the other way round and Cara had gone, I would have done things a bit differently to you, that’s all.”

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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