Love Island 2016 eviction! Who will go between Adam Jukes and Troy Frith?

Love Island 2016

Adam Jukes and Troy Frith's future on Love Island 2016 hands in the balance.

In last night's show, Troy and Adam J were left single after Katie decided to partner up with Sophie.

It wasn’t over for the boys though as they were thrown a last minute lifeline. The two boys received a text telling them they’re to date new Islander Lauren, who will couple up with one of them and send the other packing.

Love Island 2016

And there was good news for Adam J with Lauren revealing: “I’m fun, feisty and a bit sassy. I’ve got my eyes on both of the Adam’s and I’m intrigued to get to know Troy a bit better too. I might be late to the party but I’m definitely going to be the last one standing.”

Troy was first to meet Lauren, and asked her: “You seem classy and you dress well nice. What would you say is your ideal type?”

Lauren said: “Genuinely it really is about personality. For me, it’s all about banter and being on a level with someone. It really is hard to find to be honest. What’s your type?”

Troy confessed: “Someone who ain’t gonna let me walk all over them. Someone who’s going to tell me off and say ‘Troy, you need to behave yourself’.”

Next up, it was Adam J’s turn to try and impress Lauren. As the conversation flowed, Lauren told him: “When I get with someone, I want to be able to treat them like a best friend and genuinely have a laugh with.”

In the Beach Hut, Lauren reflected on both of her dates, saying: “My date with Troy was a lot better than I thought it was going to be. He’s a really good-looking guy and seems really down to earth and quite genuine.”

She continued: “[My date with Adam J] went really well, we were both fighting over who could get the most in. That’s obviously a good thing. They were both good dates, I feel in a very good position.”

Love Island 2016

Lauren then entered the villa to meet her fellow Islanders and deliver her verdict, but which boy will she choose to couple up with and who will get dumped from the Island?

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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