Love Island 2016: Sophie Gradon friend zones Katie Salmon!

Love Island 2016

Sophie Gradon friendzones Katie Salmon in Love Island 2016 tonight, giving Adam Maxted the chance for romance.

In yesterday’s recoupling, Katie made Love Island history by choosing to couple up with Sophie.

Talking to Cara and Olivia about the situation, Katie said: “I think it’s hard because [Sophie] has had a tough time in the villa with the whole Tom situation so I don’t want to be jumping on her because she likes the chilled-ness. I just want to make her time in here better and make her smile and make her laugh.”

In the recoupling, Tina chose to couple up with Adam, but made it clear that it was just on a friendship basis.

Love Island 2016

Talking to the boys about being friend-zoned once again, Adam said: “I feel like I’m back to square one because I’m back in a friend zone with Tina. She’s made it clear that’s where she wants to keep it. It seems like she’s just here for a girl’s holiday. I tried, then Troy tried, then Adam J tried, and we all ended up in the same place.”

But things soon seemed to turn around for Adam after a task revealed some tweets about the Islanders.

Having decided that former partner Tom really is the guy for her after thinking about the viewer messages, Sophie had to sit down and explain her feelings to Katie. Sophie told her: “I can’t go through with it Katie, Tom just means too much. I want to go to him. I want to leave and go and see him. One of those tweets saying that ‘Sophie slated Terry for what he did to Malin now she’s going to do the exact same thing’. If people are thinking that then what’s Tom thinking? I just want to go.”

Feeling like she’d taken a big chance on coupling up with Sophie, Katie was hurt by her sudden U-turn. Katie told her: “I feel like I plucked up that courage, tried to be who I was for f*** all now.”

Sophie replied: “I just cannot risk losing Tom. I felt angry that everyone [in the villa] had voted for us and thought I’d do whatever it takes to get to the end. The thing is, when you’re in here you’ve got to have a genuine connection with someone.”

Saddened, Katie told Sophie: “I just wish you’d said this to me yesterday. I said to you ‘How do you feel’ because I didn’t want to make that decision when someone didn’t feel the same way. That was such a big thing for me to do, to come in here and make a decision based on the person I thought I’d have the best experience with.”

Sophie replied: “I do have a good connection with you, I genuinely do. It just so happens I was with someone for a very long time a couple of days before you came in.”

Love Island 2016

After learning that Sophie had friend-zoned Katie, Adam wasted no time in talking to Katie to find out whether he might now be in with a chance of something more than friendship with her.

Adam explained in the Beach Hut: “Yesterday, I was disheartened when Katie coupled with Sophie. Today I’ve seen movement in the water, which means I’ve been able to get my fishing rod back out my bag, throw my bait back on the rod, throw it into the pond and say ‘Hey Katie, want a nibble?’ Things have changed and I could be back in the game.”

Love Island 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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