Love Island 2016: Meet new girl Lauren Whiteside

Love Island 2016 new girl

Rumours of a Zara Holland comeback have proved just that with Love Island 2016's new girl revealed as Lauren Whiteside.

Lauren, 25, is an Events Manager from Blackpool and joins the show in its final week which should make things a bit easy.

She describes herself as "fun, sassy and fiery" and says: "I’m a good northern girl. I think northern girls have got banter and they’re quite straight talking and more straight to the point."

Lauren reveals: "I’ve been single for nearly two years now. The worst thing is probably Sundays.

"It’s all good being single at the weekend but on Sunday you just want to eat food and chill with someone."

As for the guys currently in the villa, she explains: "I would never go for someone who’s really into someone else, I’m not going to fight for it.

"I’ve got my eye on Adam J, he’s definitely my type. I’m intrigued to get to know Troy a bit better too.

"I’m also quite intrigued by the other Adam – he’s obviously a really good looking guy, but I’ve not really seen him get with anyone yet so I’m quite interested to have a one on one chat with him. He does come across as quite funny."

Lauren will enter the villa on tonight's Love Island at 9PM on ITV2.

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