Love Island 2016: Sophie Gradon and Katie Salmon couple up!

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Sophie Gradon and Katie Salmon partnered up in tonight's latest Love Island recoupling.

During the show we saw Katie trying to decide whether or not she wanted to couple up with Sophie or pick one of the three single guys.

She admitted before the recoupling: “I am very nervous about tonight, I do feel under pressure. Whatever decision I make, it’s going to be hard.”

When it came down to it, Katie went for Sophie.

She said: "I just want to go with my gut instinct and go with who I can have the best time with in here.

"I feel I have to be true to myself and that's the reason I've picked this person. The person I would like to couple up with is Sophie."

Sophie seemed over the moon with the decision as the pair sat together around the fire pit with smiles on their faces.

As a result of Sophie and Katie's coupling, both Troy and Adam J were left without an official partner and got themselves a text.

They were told that their future on the Island would be decided by a new Islander who would date them both before picking which one to get the boot.

They were then instructed to head to the hideaway to meet the mystery newbie, who may or may not be Zara Holland.

The guy she decides to dump will leave the villa immediately just days from the final.

Love Island continues nightly on ITV2.

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