'Karma!' Love Island's Malin Andersson over the moon after getting revenge on Terry Walsh

Love Island 2016

Malin Andersson reckons her showdown with Terry Walsh on Love Island 2016 tonight was Karma.

Malin was coupled up with Terry before she was evicted in a public vote last month.

Despite the pair making themselves official boyfriend and girlfriend in the villa, following Malin's exit Terry quickly moved on and has since coupled up with Emma-Jane Woodham.

Surprising Terry while he was on a 'man date' with Scott in tonight's show, Malin had some harsh words although he was equally as confrontational.

The pair got into a heated debate as Malin told him: "You cheated on me. You’re a complete mug, a completely mug. You're the biggest mug. You have no respect. You have no clue. You strung me along completely. As soon as I was out you were like ‘next girl’. You just want to win the show. That’s what everyone thinks.”

Terry retorted: “I don’t give a f*** what anyone thinks. I really don't give a f**k. Do you really think I want that money that bad? Go away from me, you’re a f***ing joke, you know that?”

On Twitter, Malin was equally vocal.

"Lol.. He f**ked my week leaving the villa. I have f**ked his last week in the villa. Karma," she tweeted.

Taking aim at Terry's new girl, Malin added: "Emma .. You hoe. Done"

And she declared: "Nah, not bitter. We see everything."

Love Island continues nightly on ITV2.

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