Love Island 2016: Malin Andersson and Terry Walsh's showdown gets NASTY

Love Island 2016

Malin Andersson confronted Terry Walsh on Love Island 2016 tonight and things got heated between the pair.

Malin was coupled up with Terry before she was evicted in a public vote last month.

Despite the pair making themselves official boyfriend and girlfriend in the villa, following Malin's exit Terry quickly moved on and has since coupled up with Emma-Jane Woodham.

Surprising Terry while he was on a 'man date' with Scott in tonight's show, Malin had some harsh words although he was equally as confrontational.

After He said of her eviction: “It’s been the best thing that’s happened to me in there really.”


Malin replied: “Really? That’s good, because [Emma’s] mugging you off mate. She’s playing a massive game.”

Terry said: “I’m enjoying it though. I am. It’s been swell; it’s been a good time to be fair. I’ve had no pressure, no arguments.”

Malin said: “Pressure? I gave you no pressure. I’m not being funny; I don’t want to argue with you. I came here for closure, I wanted to talk to you”

Terry claimed: “You’re not, you’re just f**king mugging me off. What are you talking about you idiot.”

Malin hit back: “You mugged me off. I’ve been the biggest mug, you mugged me off completely.

"The whole of England has seen it and it is funny how much support I’ve got. You’re going to be very shocked when you come out of here.”

She continued: “Terry, you slept with 500 girls. Shut up and let me f**king speak. You cheated on me.

"You’re a complete mug, a completely mug. You're the biggest mug. You have no respect. You have no clue. You strung me along completely. As soon as I was out you were like ‘next girl’. You just want to win the show. That’s what everyone thinks.”

A vexed Terry retorted: “I don’t give a f*** what anyone thinks. I really don't give a f**k. Do you really think I want that money that bad? Go away from me, you’re a f***ing joke, you know that?”

Love Island

Still confused as to how Terry had moved on from her so quickly, Malin asked him: “Why didn’t you tell me before you left? Don't pretend! How can you just go from feeling one way to another? Anyway, it’s done now. I just wanted to tell you. You’re gonna have a big f**king shock when you leave there, a big f**king shock.”

Terry then stormed back to the villa, snapping: "f**king joke".

Love Island continues nightly on ITV2.

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