Love Island 2016: Will Katie Salmon couple up with Sophie Gradon?

Love Island 2016

Love Island has it's latest recoupling tonight but will Katie Salmon pick Sophie Gradon?

And just which of the girls will Katie's fellow newbie Adam Jukes decide to couple up with?

Yesterday the two new entrants dated three of the current Islanders and discussing how their respective dates had gone, Katie and Adam J considered who they would choose to recouple with.

Mulling over her choice between Adam and Sophie, Katie said: “I honestly don’t know. The dates were completely different. On mine and Adam’s we were getting to know each other, he was making me laugh a little bit. We were talking about our life.

Love Island 2016

"With me and Sophie we were talking about why we feel attracted to women. As you’ll know, if you and a boy are chatting and you get on well on a mates level, imagine if you fancied each other. It’s different.”

After their successful date yesterday, Adam J was still unsure of how Tina felt about him.

Adam J told Tina later in the day: “I had that date with you yesterday and I thought the date went proper well. I felt like there could be something there and I don’t know if it’s the same from you. I’m in the situation now where I kind of need to know where I stand. You know I fancy you. But I don’t know what I’m getting back.”

Tina coyly replied: “I just don’t know. I’m still at the point where I’m not going to force anything. I’ll make my mind up when it comes to it.”

Away from Adam J, in the bedroom, Tina told the other Islanders: “The thing is, there’s three single people in here and if I had to choose out of [Troy, Adam J and Adam], it’s original Adam.”

Surprised, Olivia said: “Really? I didn’t know he was in the game!”

Love Island 2016

Tina explained that her choice would depend on whom Katie would choose in the event of a recoupling, saying: “See, it depends who Katie picks. If I had someone who I needed to chat to, I would go to [Adam] out of the three of them. He is the person I feel the most comfortable with. But obviously it depends on Katie because I would give [her] the first dibs.”

Before the day was through, Adam J tried one final time to appeal to Tina, telling her: "I just want you to get to know me; I’m a good laugh and a pretty genuine guy.”

See who picks who at the latest recoupling on Love Island tonight at 9PM on ITV2!

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