Love Island guys very excited about lesbian romance but girls aren't impressed

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Love Island's boys get bit too excited for the girls' liking over a possible lesbian romance on the show.

Over the weekend, new girl Katie took Sophie on a date and the pair hit off.

The guys were VERY excited.

The girls were VERY annoyed.

Cara told Kady: “The boys are annoying me a little bit because they keep going on about it. It’s wound me up so much because it’s so normal.”

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Kady agreed, admitting: “I was fuming with Scott. When Katie first told us she was bisexual - I was 20 seconds behind him, by the time he got to the stairs he’d already told Nathan, Terry and Alex.”

Discussing it as a group later on, Kady explained that Sophie and Katie may be feeling undue pressure. Kady said: “No one should put pressure on them though, just because they’re two girls people shouldn’t be getting over excited.”

Scott asked: “What are you trying to say? I’ll get excited as much as I want.”

Annoyed with Scott, Kady replied: “You’re 28, have you not been around gay people before? It’s pathetic, it’s not real life porn, it’s people’s relationships.”

Explaining why he’d been excited about it, Scott told Kady: “I’m excited about it because I’m happy for them both. It’s exciting. I don’t know who you think you’re talking to like a child. I’m 28 and you’re trying to tell me how to behave? Do I speak to you like a child? How dare you think you can talk to me like that.”

Cara explained to the boys why their behaviour had irritated her, saying: “I’ll be honest, I’ve been a bit offended by you boys tonight. All of you. How much you’ve gone on about the two girls going out, and I know it’s stressed Sophie and Katie out a bit. After tonight, we all draw a line. You’ve all gone on about it.”

Nathan replied: “It’s a big deal.”

Cara said: “It’s not a big deal, Nathan. The fact that people are making such a big deal about it is offensive to me.”

Scott interjected: “It’s positive stuff though, I’m buzzing for them.”

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Cara acknowledged that none of the boys had said anything objectionable, but maintained that Sophie and Katie needed time and space to work things out on their own, saying: “I know, and you haven’t said nothing wrong or rude, none of you have. But tomorrow, don’t put pressure on it. That’s all it is.”

Love Island 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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