Love Island 2016: Katie Salmon and Sophie Gradon get flirty on a date

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Katie Salmon and Sophie Gradon enjoyed a date on Love Island 2016 this weekend, and the boys couldn't seem to control themselves.

Katie joined the villa on Friday night and revealed she was bisexual and had taken a fancy to Sophie.

Sophie, who previously opened up about her sexuality the Islanders as well, revealed how she was also attracted to the newbie.

The pair immediately began to flirt, as Katie explained that before she entered the villa she thought she would have her eye on a particular boy, but is now realising that she doesn’t have her sights set on anyone in particular. Katie told Sophie: “All the lads in here are good-looking. But I thought I’d come in here and have a lad in mind, and I don’t.”

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Sophie cheekily replied: “Well, I’m single…”

She later continued: “It’s just amazing how emotions can change so quick. I’m open to having fun in here, being myself. What will be will be.”

In the Beach Hut, an excited Katie confessed: “There is definitely a giddy feeling there between us; I think we both definitely got that. We both got on so well, and there’s a sexual attraction as well. We both definitely fancy each other. We both said that we’re each other’s type.”

As the new girl, Katie got to pick a trio of Islanders to date and one of her choices was Sophie.

As the pair enjoyed a romantic glass of bubbles under the stars, Katie contemplated whether she would ultimately end up with a boy or a girl.

Katie told Sophie: “I’ve always said, I don’t know if boys are just for fun and girls are for soul mates. You really are so stunning. Your dimples are so cute. You’ve got such a big aura about you.”

Flattered, Sophie said: “I think you coming in is like a godsend. I was ready to give up. You came in with this energy.”

Keen to find out where she stood, Sophie asked Katie: “Who do you feel most strongly towards, Alex, Adam or me?”

Katie admitted to Sophie: “Completely you. Honestly, I really do. How do you feel about me?”

Sophie answered coyly, saying: “I’m so glad you’re here. I feel like you’re almost an angel sent into the villa at a time that I’m at my most lowest ebb.”

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Katie replied: “I want to pick you up; I want to bring you out more. You should be excited, because it’ll be one hell of a ride now. I’m so glad I picked you and I saved the best until last.”

Love Island 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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