Love Island 2016: Adam Jukes ruffles feathers as he dates Olivia Buckland

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New Love Island hunk Adam Jukes ruffled feathers this weekend by grafting on Olivia Buckland.

As a new entrant to the villa, Adam was invited to take three girls out on a date and chose Sophie, Olivia and Tina.

After establishing a friendship with Sophie on his first date, Adam J initially appeared to just want friendship with his second date, Olivia.

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Asking Alex’s permission before the date, Adam J assured him that he wanted to seek Olivia’s advice on pursuing Tina.

During the date, however, Olivia soon realised that Adam J had other intentions.

Adam J boldly asked Olivia: “I feel like we got on pretty well. What are your thoughts on me? Would you go there?”

Surprised, Olivia rebuffed Adam J’s advances, saying: “I’m really happy with Alex. I think you’ve got a cracking personality, but I’m pretty deep with Alex. At this current point in time, Alex and I are pretty strong and I don’t think there are any cracks in our relationship.”

Adam J replied: “I respect that, but I don’t mind ruffling feathers. You can see that because I asked Alex if I could take you out.”

Accusing Adam J of being sly, Olivia told him: “But you told him it was for Tina. You should have said. Are you grafting right now?”

Adam J replied: “I think I’m grafting because we’re getting on. We do get on – I find you attractive, you find me attractive. That’s not something you’d close off.”

After the date, Alex went over to Adam J confront him. Getting straight to the point, Alex asked: “Look – what’s the craic, do you like Olivia or what?”

Adam J replied: “Looks wise she’s not exactly what I’d go for, but it’s tough coming in – I’ve got to keep my options open.”

Alex told him: “You know, I said to you over there, always respect the boys in the house. You come up to a boy and you say ‘Look, I fancy Olivia’. You weren’t honest were you? If you’d had the balls to say ‘I fancy her, I want to take her out on a date’, sweet. But you said to me ‘I want to crack on with Tina, Olivia’s mates with Tina, I want to get information out of her’. That’s muggy mate.”

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Alex continued: “I’m up front mate, I tell everyone how it is. At the end of the day mate, you’ve gone about it a s*** way. Me and you ain’t got to be mates, we can just be in here together. I ain’t a fake person. I ain’t gonna get along with you. You’re probably a decent geezer, but you’ve handled it s*** like.”

Later on, Adam J finally went on that date with Tina who seemed to be won over.

At first, Tina admitted that she wasn’t sure whether he was arrogant or not, but that it wasn’t a trait that she found attractive. Tina explained: “Arrogance is my biggest turn off. I think some of the things you said to Olivia was borderline arrogance.”

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Adam replied: “I’m not arrogant, I’m just a talkative fun guy really. I do think you’re beautiful and if we did get on I’d want to couple up with you really. You intrigue me, which is a good thing.”

Adam then admitted: “The minute you came on screen when I was back home I thought I could relate to you more than the other girls.”

At the end of the date, Tina confessed that she’d had a more enjoyable time than she’d anticipated, telling Adam J: “I didn’t think we’d get on as well as we have. I’m glad it has actually been a very good date.”

Love Island 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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