Love Island 2016 spoilers! These are the two new Islanders joining the villa...

Love Island 2016

Two new Islanders join the Love Island 2016 villa tonight after EIGHT take part in auditions with the current lot.

Think The X Factor for people with six packs.

And talking of The X Factor, Caroline Flack returned to the villa to host the auditions, telling the current Islanders: “Ladies, you’ll be auditioning four fit new fellas and lads you’re going to be auditioning four gorgeous new girls.”

Caroline Flack love island

Caroline continued: “After you’ve met them all, you’ll decide which one girl and one boy will become new islanders.”

First up, the boys had to meet four new girls - Sinead, Katie, Kasey and Chelsea - and eliminate one of them based on their personality alone. With the boys blindfolded, each of the potential new girls entered the villa to tell the boys a little about themselves, meaning that the lads couldn’t judge them on their looks.

With the current Island girls watching everything play out from the bedroom window, the next challenge required three of the boys to pair up with the three remaining new girls.

Once paired, the girls were asked to apply lipstick and kiss their partner as many times as possible, leaving lip marks all over their bodies.

We're not entirely sure what this was actually meant to test, but it definitely got the current girls of the island wound up.

The current girls in the villa then took their turn to suss out the potential new boys – Marcus, Adam J, Ashley and Rob.

Just the like the boys before them, the girls were blindfolded and told to judge the new guys solely on their words.

After eliminating Marcus in the first round, Olivia, Sophie and Tina then paired off with the remaining three boys.

Love Island

The couples then had to put a melon between their thighs and use their bodies to work the melon up to their lips, without using their hands.

Once the games had finished, the boys chose Katie Salmon to stay in the villa and the girls chose Adam Jukes.

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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