Love Island's Tom Powell slams ex Emma Woodham for having sex with Terry Walsh

love island sex scene

Tom Powell has branded ex Emma-Jane Woodham "vulgar" after THOSE shocking sex scenes on last night's Love Island.

We saw Emma go back on her word about having sex on the show, doing the deed with Terry Walsh in full view of the other Islanders.

Following his exit from the villa, Tom revealed today: “She was half naked bouncing on top of him, actually naked, moaning and groaning and she decided afterwards to go to the toilet to clean herself up and then she came and sat on the corner of my bed with me and Sophie.

“Why would she sit on the corner of my bed after sleeping with Terry?"

Tom speculated: “A small part of me thinks she did it to make me jealous and it was aimed at me and Sophie thinks it was aimed at me, and other people in the villa feel the same as us. No one knows what goes on in Emma’s head."

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, Tom went on: “I am very shocked to be honest because she was adamant she was not going to have sex on television, she was making such a fuss saying it was such a big deal that she would never do it, and that her parents would kill her, she was acting like such a goody two shoes and she was judging people, and then she goes and does it in the most vulgar way, in front of everyone and not even hiding it.

“We hid it at least and made it as private as we could, and she just did it in front of everyone, no care in the world. I would be annoyed with her if she was my daughter.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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