Love Island 2016: Malin Andersson reacts as Terry Walsh and Emma Woodham have sex

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Malin Andersson has hit out at Emma-Jane Woodham after she had sex with Terry Walsh on Love Island tonight.

Emma and Malin's former partner on the show did the deed in the bedroom in front of the rest of the Islanders this evening.

Writing on Twitter, Malin reacted: "Is she serious?" later adding: "Sloppy seconds..."

Emma and Terry's relationship follows him getting over Malin after she was evicted in a shock twist last week.

While Terry originally vowed to leave with Malin, he decided to stay and has since seemingly forgot all about her.

Malin wasn't the only one annoyed by Emma and Terry's antics with Sophie fuming at the new girl, who is the ex of her current partner Tom.

"I think she’s up to something. I think it was because Tom and I, under the duvet, were having a nice time together," Sophie claimed on the show this evening. "She hopped on Terry because she thought ‘Anything Tom can do, I can do better’.

"I think I’ve been really naïve, really naïve. It just makes me think I can’t take her word now; I can’t take anything she’s said to me. I can’t even speak to her today. I’m shocked and I don’t trust her.”

Sophie added: "Her being friends with me is all to get at Tom. It’s Tom’s ex girlfriend and I think she’s doing it to get at Tom, so it is kind of my business. You can all make up your minds for yourself but I’m starting to feel like she’s here to p*** off Tom and I feel very wary.”

Love Island continues nightly on ITV2.

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