Love Island 2016: Sophie Gradon and Emma-Jane Woodham in major bitch fight

Love Island

There was an explosive end to Love Island 2016 tonight following the exit of two Islanders.

In the latest public vote Liana and Tom were sent packing leaving partners Sophie and Adam to continue alone.

Back in the villa, Sophie was initially in tears before turning her attention to Tom's ex Emma and sniping: "Well that's ruined her game plan."

Kady and Oliva wasted no time in passing that remark to Emma who confronted Sophie leading to a firey argument between the pair and Emma's current partner Terry.

After branding Sophie "f**king nasty", Emma told her: "Would you like to elaborate on this game plan I've got?"

Insisting she had only made an effort to get to know Sophie, she responded to Emma: "You came in here and said you're going to f**k things up."

With Terry getting involved in things, Sophie exploded: "So are you both going to stand up and shout at me, or do you want to talk about this like f**king adults?"

Storming off, Sophie snapped: "F**king grow up."

Emma then told the other Islanders as Sophie went to cool down: "I'll be civil and I'll be polite but other than that she can go f**k herself."

Meanwhile, following Tom's exit, Sophie vowed to go all the way to the end for him.

Love Island continues nightly on ITV2.

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