Love Island 2016: Tom Powell and Sophie Gradon reunite... but are they playing a game?

love island 2016

Tom Powell and Sophie Gradon have got back together on Love Island 2016 after Sophie dumped Tom at the weekend.

Yesterday, the couples were tasked with secretly choosing two other couples that they believe to be the weakest in the villa.

Concerned that their fellow Islanders may have voted for them, Sophie told Tom: “At the end of the day, what will be will be. If we go, it’s not a bad thing and if we stay it’s a great thing.”

Tom’s main concern was that his relationship with Sophie would suffer if they weren’t given the opportunity to spend more time together in the villa. Tom said: “I just haven’t had enough time as I need to show you.”

Sophie reassured him, saying: “You’ve done so well being the way you’ve been. I wanted to speak to you about it and say that I’m sort of ready to start anew.”

Overjoyed by the news that he was going to have a second chance with Sophie, Tom said: “That’s made me so happy. I’m not stressing now, that’s what I was worried about. I’m happy now.”

Sophie replied: “Stay like this, you’ve been absolutely amazing and you’re the man that I want to take home to my parents.”

However some of the other Islanders weren't buying Sophie's renewed feelings for Tom.

Adam said: “I just think it’s a weird coincidence that they’re back [together].”

Agreeing with him, Terry was equally suspicious, saying: “Everyone’s thinking it. They’re looking at each other like they’re in love again now.”

Alex admitted that he was struggling with the situation too, saying: “I can’t even look at Sophie at the minute. It’s just fake. Everything to do with the whole her and Tom situation is just fake.

"Obviously it’s a massive coincidence now that she was stringing him along for ages and now as soon as they could be voted off, she was straight back on Tom. Everyone in the villa sees it and I ain’t got time for people like that. If you’re gonna be real, be real.”

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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