Love Island 2016 spoilers! Two are about to get DUMPED from the villa...

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The Islanders recouple on tonight's Love Island 2016 but there's a twist in store.

Yesterday - in scenes set to air tonight at 9PM On ITV2 - the Islanders received a text telling them that there was to be a recoupling where the boys must choose which girl they’d like to couple up with.

The girl Troy chose would share his immunity from being dumped from the island.

After all the Islanders had coupled up, they received another text, telling them that they were about to make some tough decisions.

The text said: “Islanders, now that you are coupled up, it’s time to find out who you think are the weakest couples in the villa. Tonight, each couple will vote for who they think are the two weakest couples. You must now discuss in your couples who you’re going to choose and then submit your decision by text. You must not discuss your decision with anyone else.”

The islanders split up into their couples to decide who they thought has the weakest relationships.

Discussing their relationship, Sophie felt that despite their recent difficulties, the other Islanders would realise that her and Tom were a genuine couple.

She told Tom: “I think everyone can see that we do have a genuine bond and that we need more time.”

Finding it difficult to choose the weakest two couples, Nathan told Cara: “The way you’ve got to look at it is, it’s Love Island not Friend Island.”

Scott explained to Kady that some of the couples in the villa weren’t romantically involved, meaning they’re not strong couples. He said: “There’s a couple in here that I don’t think have got any romantic feelings towards each other. It’s hard, because we both like them as individuals.”

Tonight, the public will vote to save one person from each of the bottom two couples chosen by the islanders, leaving two people dumped. Will this stop love in its tracks for some of our Islanders?

And tomorrow night (Thursday), Caroline will return to the villa to deliver the viewers’ verdict.

Love Island 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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