Love Island 2016: Tina Stinnes confronts Troy Frith over claims he's using her

Love Island 2016

Tina Stinnes gives new guy Troy Frith a grilling on tonight's Love Island 2016.

After the girls decided to dump Oliver from the villa in yesterday's show, new boy Troy was pleased that he’d managed to secure his place on the Island.

However before he left, Olivier had warned the girls that Troy was only using Tina to stay in the villa.

Tina confronted Troy: “What I’ve been told, it’s not very nice to hear is it? I was told that I was the easy option. That [Oliver] can’t fake things and that you can. I don’t know you and obviously there is doubt. The issue is whether you said I was the easy option.”

Feeling that Oliver was just annoyed about being dumped from the Island, Troy told Tina: “He’s going to get into your head because he’s p***ed. You’re not an easy option for me. Why are you an easy option when we’re from two different backgrounds? Whatever he said to you, I’m still going to crack on to you. I still think you’re fit and I do think we’ve got a connection. That’s not going to make me back off from you.”

After going to talk to Kady, Tina reflected: “I get along with him but I just don’t know if there’s that [spark]. One minute I think there is and then the next minute I don’t know.”

Later on, Tina and Troy went on what turned out to be a less than successful date.

Troy seemed to already be cooling things off with Tina, telling her: “My ideal type is Spanish or something. We’re from two different backgrounds. You are quite gullible and ditzy.”

Tina disagreed, saying: “I’m a little bit up in the clouds, I would say. I always get told it’s really endearing though so don’t put me down on it.”

Back in the villa, Kady was keen to find out how Tina felt her date had gone, asking her to rate it out of 10.

Underwhelmed by the lack of a spark between herself and Troy, Tina told Kady: “I don’t know. I’d say 4.5, maybe 5. [Before], he was really cheeky, really jokey whereas now I feel like he’s just a t***.

"He’s lost that cheekiness and that was the one thing that attracted me to him. He’s not my type; he’s not the guy I’d usually go for. I don’t know if he did it to play a game. I was sitting there thinking ‘please let this be over’, I’m almost at the point where I could fall asleep.”

Meanwhile, Troy was annoyed that Tina was letting other people’s comments get in the way. He told Alex: “She keeps mentioning that she’s wary. I’ve chosen her now, she should be happy. We’ve coupled up now, just enjoy it. She’s a lovely girl but I’d rather just enjoy my time and crack on.”

Love Island 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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