Love Island 2016: Sophie Gradon and Emma-Jane Woodham get close

Love Island 2016

Sophie Gradon and Emma-Jane Woodham get cosy in tonight's Love Island 2016, even seeming to flirt with one another.

The pair enjoyed champagne in the hot tub and each revealed their feelings for one another.

While we were expecting fireworks between Tom Powell's current partner and his ex, the two have instead hit it off.

Love Island

Surprised at how well they’ve bonded, Sophie told Emma: “Who would have thought I’d be sat in the hot tub with Tom’s ex, getting on well with her?”

Emma agreed: “I know, it’s such a strange situation to be thrown into, the three of us under one roof. You wouldn’t get that in any other circumstance.”

Sophie told Emma: “I genuinely feel like I’ve totally clicked with you.”

Equally pleased that they had bonded so well, Emma said: “I’m so glad we do get on. We get on so well. I think it’s that perfect combination of personalities.”

But what about Tom, who yesterday vowed to win Sophie back after she demanded time part?

Well she delivered a new blow by demanding they slept in separate beds.

In the Beach Hut, Sophie explained: “In all honesty, putting him in a bed outside tonight is kind of a test. I wanted to see if he would respect me, respect my wishes, and see if he would do it without complaint, and without throwing his dummies out the pram. Distance makes the heart grow fonder.”

After spending the night apart, Tom brought Sophie tea and toast for breakfast.

Sophie admitted: “I’m not going to lie; I did miss Tom being in bed with me last night. He’s really, really grafting. I like this Tom.”

Tom told the boys: “If she doesn’t want me, she doesn’t want me and there’s nothing I can do about it. At least I can say I’ve tried and if I’ve gone through all this effort to show I’ve changed and she still doesn’t want me, then I can accept that.”

Love Island

Love Island 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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