Love Island 2016: Two new guys make their mark but one is already off home...

Love Island 2016 new boys

New boys Troy Frith and Oliver Maxwell Fernandez make their entrance in tonight's Love Island 2016.

However for one it was also their final day in the villa as the pair were told only one can stay

It all begun when the current Islanders received a text revealing the details of a new challenge – Love Is Blind.

Blindfolded, the Islanders were tasked with finding their perfect partner by touch alone. Using their hands, they had to feel for the person they like the most.

Love Island 2016

Once they were all blindfolded, new boys Oliver and Troy snuck in to the mix.

At the end of the challenge the Islanders took off their masks and were shocked to find new arrivals Troy and Oliver amongst them.

As the new boys unpacked alone in the bedroom they received a secret text letting them know that one of them would be dumped from the island tomorrow. With the clock ticking to make a good impression, the new boys chose three girls each to take on a date.

Choosing Kady, Tina and Sophie, Oliver spent some time in the hot tub with each of them to get to know them better.

Troy revealed that he clicked the most with Tina, saying: “The best date was definitely with Tina. I don’t know why, there was something there. She’s a good-looking girl, she’s not usually my type but she’s got a fiery side that I never knew. 100% she’s good."

That evening, Tina and Troy kissed as they laid on one of the beds by the pool, where they ended up sleeping.

Love Island 2016

With Troy and Tina hitting it off already, Oliver didn’t waste any time pursuing the girl he was most attracted to either.

Oliver felt it was clear he and Sophie were going to get along, and told her: “I do feel we connect. I don’t know if you do, or if it’s just me. I’m not the sort of guy to throw myself into a situation and be like ‘I really like you’, because that’s not me. It would be stupid for me to say that, but I do feel we have a connection. I don’t with anyone else, at all.”

Just as the Islanders were getting to know the two new boys, Scott received a text asking everyone to gather around the fire pit.

Love Island 2016

As Troy and Oliver stood in front of the group, the girls received a text telling them to choose which boy they wanted to stay in the villa and which boy would be leaving the island immediately.

Which boy has made the biggest impression on the girls and who will be sent packing?

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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