Love Island girls turn on Terry Walsh and Emma-Jane Woodham to support Malin Andersson

Love Island 2016

Tensions on Love Island 2016 are running high with Terry Walsh's new romance with new girl Emma-Jane Woodham not winning many over.

The pair went on a date last night but Terry's sudden getting over of Malin Andersson hasn't left the original Islanders impressed.

As Emma and Terry continued to bond yesterday, some of their fellow Islanders found Terry’s sudden change of heart hard to come to terms with.

Love Island 2016

Feeling sorry for Malin, Olivia told Kady that whilst she felt let down by Terry, she wasn’t surprised by how quickly he was moving on.

Olivia said: “It upsets me but it doesn’t surprise me, because he did it to me. I think Malin always had that in her head.”

Agreeing with Olivia, Kady confessed she was finding it tough to deal with Emma and Terry’s budding romance, saying: “I’m really shocked at how quickly he’s moved on and I’m really struggling to be around Terry and Emma. I am a girl’s girl and I can’t help but put myself in Malin’s shoes and I do feel really bad.”

Meanwhile, Olivia was having relationship problems of her own.

After overhearing a conversation between the boys about what will happen once they leave the villa, Olivia grew concerned that Alex would instantly forget about her.

Realising that Olivia was upset, Alex tried to find out how she was feeling. Olivia told him: “I can’t explain how I feel today. Coming out of here and having to deal with the change and the stress, I can’t stop thinking about it all and it’s just getting to me.”

Love Island 2016

Alex reassured her: “I’m not going to be like that at all. I’m here now, happy, chilling, getting along. It’s nice. I’m not thinking about when we get out. I don’t know what’s going to happen when we get out, look at Terry and Malin.”

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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