Love Island 2016: Tom Powell decides to stay but gets DUMPED by Sophie Gradon

Love Island 2016

After deciding about his future on Love Island 2016 over the weekend, Tom Powell decided to STAY on tonight's show.

But this evening's episode also saw Sophie Gradon end their coupling, saying that she had enough of him - to quote Sophie herself - "being a t**t".

She told him: "Why do you treat me like s***, why do you speak to me like a piece of s***. We had something amazing but you’ve literally pushed me so far away now, I literally couldn’t care less if you walked out the doors.”

Sophie went on in a honest heart to heart between the pair: "I think maybe you being 24 and me being 30, I’ve come through all this. Maybe you need to come through all this with someone else because I don’t have the time of day to play these silly games, I really don’t.

"I feel like I have to follow how I feel Tom and not just stay with you for the sake of a TV show. I do really, really like you a lot. I just don’t know if it’s [too far gone]."

Despite a last ditch attempt from Tom practically begging to reunite, Sophie was having none of it.

She told the other Islanders that she'd already given Tom a second chance felt dumping him had lifted a weight off her shoulders.

However, after deciding to stay on the show, Tom told Olivia that he NOT given up hope of getting back with Sophie.

She advised him to give her time but that may be in short supply with two guys about to enter the villa...

Love Island continues nightly on ITV2.

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